What we do

India’s first rural business venture, Kaarigar Clinic builds the bridge between the rural and urban households. It empowers artisans to become entrepreneurs through business training, digital and design upskilling, marketing and business health checkups and connects the artists with a network of collaborators across the country. At the same time, Kaarigar Clinic serves an important function of providing buyers with a sustainable alternate choice over patterns of wasteful consumption. 


Our Vision

To develop micro-entrepreneurs among kaarigar communities for a sustainable livelihood and strenghtened social and economic status. This will further empower them to make villages a better place to work, earn and live in.

Our Mission

To create a strong and sustainable business environment for kaarigars who are enthusiatic but lack education, resources, management skills and design skills to develop their business.

Our Goal

To create 1000 kaarigar entrepreneurs across rural India and generate livelihood for 1,00,000 families.

Our Values


Kaarigar Clinic helps artisans utilize their skills for setting up businesses and generate employment for their community.


We have built Kaarigar Clinic with the aim to make villages a better place to live and work by encouraging craftspeople to continue using local resources and skills, providing them with fair opportunities. 


We believe in the Gandhian values of developing a local system of production and distribution for strengthening the village economy.

Core Team

Dr.Nilesh Priyadarshi

Founder & CEO

Nilesh priyadarshi, is a development and management professional. With more than 20 years of experience in the craft sector, his expertise has been recognized nationally and internationally on several forums. Nilesh has worked closely with social enterprises, corporate brands as well as educational institutions dealing with matters of systemic growth and development. Before starting his own enterprise, he has also published several papers which further researchers can build upon. He has started several smaller relief initiatives under the umbrella organisation Kaarigar Clinic. With a clear vision of empowering the artisans, Nilesh is on a challenging yet adventurous journey of co-creating a ‘LOCAL COMMUNITY’.

Noopur Kumari

Co-founder & Creative Director

Noopur Kumari is a graduate of design from NIFT. After having studied design and worked with a lot of artisans as a part of the college projects, she had pondered over the question of why regional artisans do not get the recognition they deserve. She took a dive towards cofounding "Kaarigari Clinic" - an initiative aimed towards helping rural artisans to strengthen traditional businesses. Unlike a lot of initiatives and NGOs who take regional artisans under their brand name to give employment, Noopur staunchly concentrates on enabling the artisans to build their own brand by providing them with all the necessary technological and logistical support.

Our Valued Partners